Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor yoga experience. Can be just the yoga experience or can be combined by hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding to an outdoor destination. Upon arrival, guests will find mats set out, picturesque views and restorative teas.

Family Yoga

Yoga that is tailored to families and guests of all ages and levels of ability. A great way for families to ditch the digital devices and reconnect with themselves and each other. Can be done indoor or outdoor, and can be combined with hike, bike or ride.

Guided Meditation

Reconnect with body mind and spirit with a guided meditaiton session. Can be done indoors or outdoors in a scenic spot for further health benefits. Great experience for solo travelers, couples or families.

High West Tasting

Sample some of High Wests’ world class whiskeys. Can be done in the High West Distillery or at a beautiful remote location on site for an elevated experience.

High West Tour

Tour of the High West Distillery at Blue Sky where guests learn the finer points of distillation from grain to glass

Fly Tying Workshop

Beginner anglers can learn the fundamentals of fly selection and fly tying for different types of water and fish, depending on the season.

Fly Fishing – Float Trip

For guests that would like to experience fishing from a boat, they can travel two hours to the remote and pristine Upper Green River in Wyoming. Our local and seasoned guides also provide private fly fishing instruction and workshops for our guests.

Fly Fishing

Guests will be guided on the local waterways that include the Weber River, Provo River, and on the high mountain lakes in the Uinta Mountain Range.

Fat Tire Biking

Enjoy winter mountain biking with fat tire bikes that can traverse a diversity of snowy and icy terrain.

Mountain Biking

A mountain bike guide will plan a route that is based on the riders’ abilities.